Boho Blooms Bitty Bunny & Pocketbook Tutorial


Let’s start!

**This Boho Blooms cut and sew project panel with Studio e is available at local and online quilt fabric shops.

1. Cut out all the bunny parts, being careful to keep the instructions and supply list on the panel in one piece for reference.




2. Stitch a bunny ear front to a bunny ear back, right sides together with the bottom edge left open. Trim the seams. Turn right side out and press the seams flat. Fold the bottom of the bunny ear with the pink side folded inside from dot to dot and baste at the lower edge.


3. Pin the bunny ears to the right side of the back bunny head, between the dots facing down as shown in the diagram with the folded edge toward the center of the bunny head, pink bunny ear side facing out. Baste in place.


4. Pin or baste bunny body with right sides together and stitch just a tiny bit inside the stitch line, be careful that the bunny ears are tucked inside the head and not in the stitch line. Leave an opening at the side of the body between the pink dots for stuffing.


5. Clip the pink lines in the seams with sharp scissors, being careful not to cut through the stitching line into the doll. Clip out and remove the triangle marks, again being careful not to clip through the seam line.



6. Turn inside out and stuff the arms and legs with polyester fiberfill. Make a hand running stitch at the joint of each arm and leg as shown. Mark lines first with a fading quilt pen, if you would like. Stuff the head and body firmly and slip stitch the opening shut on the seam lines.

Let’s make the cute little Bunny Skirt!


7. Fold each skirt panel right sides together and stitch 1/4” seams on the back seam of each. Press open.

8. Machine or hand stitch a 1/2” hem on the lower edge of each skirt piece. The green band is the upper waistband. Press the hems.


9. Fit the dark panel inside the bird print panel, keeping it a 1/2” below the top of the waistband, matching the backseams up. Baste in place.

10. Fold the top green waistband inside and under twice and machine stitch around close to the inside edge, leaving a 1” opening in the back. Top stitch a line close to the edge of the top of the waistband so it will lay nicely once the elastic is inserted.



11. Cut a piece of narrow elastic to fit the bunny waist, plus just a bit more to work with. Thread through the waistband using a safety pin to guide the elastic through. Overlap the elastic and hand stitch the ends together. Trim the ends. Stretch the waist band a bit to even out the fabric. Slip stitch the opening shut.


12. Pull the skirt onto the bunny and you did it!

Now, let’s do the collar and ear bows.



13. Stitch the two collar pieces together (right sides together), leave the space between the pink dots open. Clip curved seam allowances as you did the bunny. Turn right side out and slip stitch the opening shut. Press seams flat and slip stitch by hand around the bunny’s neck, overlapping and centering the collar in front.



14. Fold the two bow rectangles in half (right sides together) and stitch, leaving an opening to turn. Turn rightside out and slip stitch openings. Press seams flat. Pleat each bow in the center and hand stitch in the center to hold the pleats. Hand stitch a bow to the bunny head at the base of each ear.

Now let the Little’s love and cuddle her, and tell her all their secrets.

Now let’s make the Bunny Pocketbook!


Let’s get started…


1. Cut the four pieces out.


2. Pin the outside pieces of the pocketbook together along the
pink seam line. Do the same with the lining pieces, but leave an
opening between the pink dots on the lower part of the lining pieces.


3. Stitch the outside pieces of the pocketbook together on the
pink seam line. Do the same with the lining pieces, but leave an
opening between the pink dots.


4. Place the inside and outside of the pocketbook together, right sides together and pin the top edges as shown. Stitch together on the seam lines.


5. Stitch together on the top seam lines and around the ears.


6. Clip the inside corners and the curved seam allowances as you did
the bunny. Turn right side out. You may top stitch around the top edge if you like. Slip stitch the opening in the lining closed.


7. Press the seams flat.


8.  Stitch the handle in the length you would like to both sides of the little pocketbook. I used cotton cording, any ribbon, cording or braided yarn would work. I also added these adorable white felt flowers, just free cut from white and teal felt and stitched on with a bit of pink floss.

9. Fill with tiny treasures and fun memories. Enjoy.