Pumpkin Spice Pumpkins and Bluebird Tutorial

pumpkin-spice-compositeLet’s start!

**This Pumpkin Spice cut and sew project panel with Studio e is available at local and online quilt fabric shops.

1. Cut out all the pumpkin and bluebird pieces, being careful to keep the instructions and supply list on the panel in one piece for reference. *Note all seam allowances are 1/4″.

p12. Begin stitching the 6 pumpkin pieces together for each pumpkin with right sides together using a rather long gathering stitch and strong thread so the seams can be gathered just a bit. Leave long enough thread ends to gather and tie. Note that the wide edge is the pumpkin top or stem side and stuffing opening, the small pointed edge is the bottom of the pumpkin and will be closed.

p2p33. Repeat until all the sections are stitched together for each pumpkin. Pull the seam stitching thread on each piece to gather just a bit and make them puff. Tie each end securely.

4. Clip and notch the curved seams. Turn the pumpkin right sides out.

p4 5. Stuff the pumpkin with fiberfill rather firmly. With strong thread, hand-stitch a running stitch around the top of the pumpkin opening, pull almost closed and tie securely.

p96. Stitch the stems right sides together, leave the lower straight edge open. Note that each stem is a different color on either side. Clip and notch the curved seams. Turn right sides out.

p107. Stuff the stems and pin to the tied off pumpkin opening, turning the edges under. Hand stitch with a slip stitch to the top of the pumpkin, hiding the tied up opening.

p58. Cut light weight batting slightly smaller that the two leaves, if desired. Insert between each set of leaves, wrong sides together.

p79. Zig zag stitch around the edges of the leaves.

p810.  Trim seams.

p1111. Tack to the pumpkin, placing as you please.

p1212. Stitch the next one.

b1913.  Now let’s make the Bluebird!

b1314. Place one bluebird side and the orange tummy piece together, right sides together.
Line up the orange dots and pin.

b1415. Stitch the bluebird piece to the tummy piece.

b1516. Place the second bluebird piece on the tummy piece like the first and pin in place and stitch together.

b1617. Stitch the rest of the bluebird pieces together, leaving an opening under the tail for stuffing. Clip and notch the seams.

b1718. Turn the bluebird right sides out. Stuff the bluebird with fiberfill rather firmly. Stitch the opening together by hand using a slip stitch. **Note–I used some blue embroidery floss and made tiny stitches on each point of the eye, stitched through the head to the point on the opposite eye and pulled the floss a bit tight, to create a nice sculpted look to the eyes.

b1819. Cut light weight batting slightly smaller that the two wings and the tail, if desired. Insert the batting between each set of wings and tail, wrong sides together.

b18.120.  Zig zag stitch around the edges and trim seams like we did with the pumpkin leaves.

b2021. Tack each to the bluebird, a wing on each side and the tail to the top of the back of the bluebird back. **Note–I added fun little felt flowers to the bluebird’s head…because, you know…flowers.

Enjoy your new fall decor!